Why isn't my 2FA token working?




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    I enabled 2FA yesterday and changed my password (scanned barcode and google authenticator working)

    since then i cant login i get a msg saying - invalid username and password. coinspot helpdesk sending me generic troubleshooting steps which i already tried.

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    Nathan Stanley

    when i enabled 2FA i saved the seed string to create the entry in authenticator. the 2FA code stopped working so i can only log in using sms token. i try to reset my 2FA code in my account settings but i need a valid 2FA code to do that and i cant generate a valid code. catch 22.


    how can i fix this problem with 2FA?

    edit: please realize i am not using the seed string as the verification token. i have used the seed string on 2 devices now and both fail to generate valid codes. time is synced on the devices.

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    by far such a generic stupid answer this is and majority of the answers you get with questions that we have.

    i cannot generate a code cause the google bull... isnt working so that means i cannot reset the password so last resort is the dam sms bullll.... 

    give some great answers or just dont write crap for us to read 

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