2FA / Google Authenticator setup not working




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    Joel Carson

    After deleting and uninstalling google authenticator app I can not re scan a new barcode into the authenticator app to log onto account and am completely relying on sms to log on.

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    I also cannot re-set 2 factor on my new phone. Old phone was stolen.
    How can I re-set it if I don’t have a cod from my old stolen phone?

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    Neal Plant

    Hi I had just changed a new phone. Now I can't connect to my 2FA as in neal@plantinnovations.com.au@coinspot. Could you reset for me. Thx Neal

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    I have same phone but I can't reset 2FA because the existing Tokens are wrong. I have to do the SMS token every single time. Please advise how I can reset. 

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    I'm having the same problem as above, i'm replying completely on the SMS to log in as I am unable to rescan a new barcode into the app. Please advise how we can correct this.

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    Josh Buxton

    I have the same issue as above

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    I also have same issue with 2FA set-up. This is definitely rocket science

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