Why was my verification rejected?




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    Soul Reaver

    For me apparently my 4 digit code was wrong. I copy pasted it, unsure how it's possible to be wrong.

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    Alan Gillanders

    Hi Guys. I don't work for Coinspot, i have just applied and waiting approval myself. My went through but my wifes approval is still pending. I know lots of guys use Coinspot and are happy. Just send in a ticket if you can. Don't email me as I don't know.

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    qiao zhang


    qiao zhang
    Jan 19, 23:20 AEDT
    Hi ladies or gentleman,
    i have uploaded my photos twice, but still not can verify my photo with my drive licence.  I hope you understand people could change a lot during a long period, it impossible 100 percent match. I am much thinner than before, and cut my hair.  could you please help me to solve this problem? do you have phone no. i need talk with you. or you call me. i need someone tell me what's wrong with my photo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please do not waste my time, I am waiting for your reply!!!
    Thank you
    Qiao Zhang
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    HI Claude... 'Thankyou for your swift reply.. Are you able to tell me where i Fail on my verification .I never carry a mobile phone around on my person .,,but i have had a phone stuck to my side so as to receive coinSpot  call...My Bank statement was dated september last year . The first time i submited vareification i recall the problem was photo id...i have addressed that problem as to my photo id.Can you please assist..Thank you..John


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    Fay Levi

    Hi guys I have now submitted my information over 4 times have not heard a word from you which makes it very difficult to fix any problems that maybe on my verification. Yes, the first time I scanned my licence etc but since then I have sent to you the photos that I took of everything and you still just say "not verified" I have not had and calls from you at all and the only emails I have had sent to me are generic ones. Please email me what is wrong and why I am not being verified and I can fix those problems. Thank you Fay 

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    Ben Lee

    Hi Claude, I have submitted my docs 3 times and had my application rejected for incorrect reasons. I was rejected this last time for was for being “unable to contact”... I had a single missed call on my mobile which did not answer when I returned the call. Surely your application can’t be this petty. Do you just not want new users?

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