How do I become an Affiliate?




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    click "Become an affiliate today" couldn't find on your website I would like to become affiliate member and wants to get low commission

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    there is No affiliate link here to become an affiliate, can you please advise how I can become an affliate thanks

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    Margaret Pimblett

    Same problem

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    Henu Nogia

    What if someone entered my email on registration but I wasn't a part of the Affiliate program at the time. Will they be still under my affiliates as I did refer them to Coinspot.

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    Sy Pham

    I have the same question as Henu Nogia. My friend used my email address before enabled the Affiliate Program. But it doesn't look like it's linked.

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    Simonwood 83

    Hi there, sent email asking same question. I have signed up a few people recently that have used my email. The other affiliates used to pop up straight away but none of the new affiliates have come up in my account.

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