How long does it take to get the coins after buying?




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    Hi Russel,

    Can you have a verification code made to disallow this below ?
    The option to sell shows a process which is negative which I think cannot proceed unless the amount to be sold is positive.

    The software should know that selling process needs a number >0 to proceed and reject is <0 to proceed.

    The system still moves on to a confirmation showing zero amounts popup.

    Maybe some info about the issue at this point would help us know what status is and having a link to next step would be a blessing.

    Thanks Russel


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    Robert Murray

    Hi i bought$ 500.00 of Verge about 20 minutes ago but still not in my wallet,can you sort it please.Thanks

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    Hi i bought 220 MIOTA, 110 @ 2 times with in 30 minutes ,one transaction was $74.42 and the other $72.46  both the transactions show on my bank statement .But i only received 110 MIOTA   .and i got one receipt for  $74.42 from you i need you to sort out another 110 MIOTA and a receipt for $72.46  Thanks

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    Pene Tekaha Hati

    Bought $200 in btc haven't received yet, could you please fix this

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    Adrian causon

    Hi none of my orders have gone being bought can you fix it please

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