How do I send coins into CoinSpot?




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    Isaac Anderson

    Is this likely to change?  I'd really like to be able to send USDT.

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    Andrew Tran

    Will there be support for Ether coming? I would like to move my coins from coinbase to here.

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    Yes when will you accept transfers of ethereum?

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    Scott Smith

    Do you have a roadmap of adding other coins that can be transferred in? I buy on CS and then transfer to my hardware wallet. When the day comes I will want to transfer them back to sell through CS.

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    Daniel Attia

    What happens if you send a coin not supported? Will it get rejected by Coinspot and go back into the other wallet?

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    Hi Claude, I sent some BTC from one wallet to my coinspot wallet, it’s been 4 hours and I haven’t received it. Any reason why it is taking so long?

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    Jonathan Waters

    Hi, I transferred coins from BTC Markets 22 hours ago. The transaction is showing in my wallet, but the coins are not there? What's the problem?

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    Baier David

    Is there any plans for allowing additional coins to have wallet address for sending into Coinspot? ( specifically XRP OR STR). I have seen other comments asking this, but I don’t see your reply’s thanks.

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    Nathan Norman

    I cannot generate a dogecoin address... Im pressing generate and nothing is coming up?

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    Mr Scott Nolan

    Same here. I click the generate deposit address and nothing happens! I try BTC and LTC and both fail. Please help.

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    Laurie Mahon

    I have sent BTC from a exchange to my CoinSpot account. I have got the notification that it has left the exchange over 3 hours ago. Wondering how long it takes to show up in CoinSpot... even as pending. Very nervous and can't find any information about this.

    **updated it just came in**

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    Still waiting on my support ticket POWR token withdrawal failed twice. No fault my end. Please respond asap

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    L Eyeington

    I sent some Litecoin from my Coinbase account to Coinspot wallet. Over 1000 confirmations later and still not showing in Coinspot. I sent it to the correct wallet address on send but then I looked back and Coinspot had generated a different address for unknown reason. Please respond asap. Ticket #144661

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    Andrew Norris

    I also am clicking on the Generate Address key for a Litecoin deposit and notiung happens. Can you please answer and give us a step by step way to make a deposit in Litecoin please.


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    Hoping for ETH to be able to be received as soon as possible.  Is there any updates on the progress of this?


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    I too would like to send some ETH into CS.

    If I can't trade it, you can't make any fees!

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    Anna H

    Hi there, I click Generate Deposit Address in my Bitcoin wallet, but nothing happens.

    Is there a built-in delay? If so, should the page warn us?

    Otherwise, is there a bug in generating Bitcoin addresses currently, or is this disabled for some reason?


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    Ricardo Rodriguez


    Is it possible to open BTG for inbound?


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    Marcus Young

    It's not possible to generate a deposit address for LTC or DOGE.

     This website is so third-rate it's astounding that it's still afloat.

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    Jigar Lotia



    Is support of Ripple being added?


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