How can I speed up my verification?




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    mark h

    It's been 4 days , and no confirmation of my details. :(

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    Brenton Robb

    On site I noticed that the verification turnaround time recently changed from 48 hours to 2 weeks...

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    It's been a long time for me, now they say 2 weeks nothing done and no phone cal?

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    Come on coinspot been 3 days now, your losing revenue, hire extra staff to complete the identity checks ffs, otherwise we will go elsewhere....

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    Olivia Pauline Arahanga

    Been 2 weeks for me to be verified, I'm starting to loose my patience, not at all happy with how long it's taking. Can this please be rectified asap. Thnx

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    Jonathan Hambrook

    Add me to the list of people waiting... no calls, had one rejection saying upload photo... but I did... you can't submit the form otherwise... So resubmitted and still waiting... Been a week for me.

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    Alvin Mallari

    Been 2 weeks for me to be veriified, im starting to loose my patience, not at all happy. It keeps on telling me my number is not an australian number but i recieve the confirmation code that you sent to me to verified my number. Please call me or email me how to settle this issue Or reject my ID so that I can re sign up and complete everything correctly.


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    Terence Allcock

    Extremely frustrating watching the companies you were going to invest in go up and still waiting for verification!! At 3% commission surely it can not be that hard to verify someones account after people have gone to great lengths to complete their side of the process?!! 

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    Too long for verification.
    Coinspot need to pickup the speed if they want to compete at international level.

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    Mary-Anne Bennett

    Hi there, 

    I submitted my request for verification a week and a half ago.  I've resubmitted my documents twice.  Would you please provide some guidance regarding when I can expect to be verified or if I'm rejected would you please advise why?


    Many thanks,


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