How can I cancel sending Coins?




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    James Lee

    "Click on Wallets, select your currency and scroll to the right of the transaction and press cancel."
    This option isnt there ?????

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    Owais Pervaiz


    I followed your steps and there is no option to cancel transaction.

    Also i accidentally processed a transaction from coinspot to my private wallet but the coins never appeared in my wallet, in my coin wallet there is no "Transaction ID" as i have sent coins before in the past all transaction have been successfully sent through and coinspot reflects via transaction ID.

    I believe the coins were never sent from coinspot as no transaction id has been generated.

    Can you please help me on this.


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    Mike 000

    I've been waiting over 14hrs for an ETH transfer and checked and said it failed but wallet says "pending" have sent a contact support ticket in to try get the 2 transactions canceled. Ticket number #134429

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