My Coin/Token withdrawal is pending, what can I do?




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    Peter D Vial

    I submitted a ETH withdrawal last night that is still pending. Ticket #132679. What is taking so long???

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    Joshua Baker

    I submitted a ETH withdrawal last night to MEW, it is still pending 14hrs later. The ETH is not showing in my CoinSpot ETH wallet or is it in MEW. It is also not showing in etherscan or in the pending transaction pool on etherscan. I've checked the transaction in Coinspot and the ETH address for MEW is correct. Where is that ETH?

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    Alex Kutschukian

    Hello, I have also tried to send ETH to an external wallet but it is still "pending" from last night. Please fix asap. 

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    Hello I am also waiting for ETH to be sent it is saying it’s in progress is been in progress for 12 hours ???????

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    Hi, I have also sent BTC coins to an external wallet ( for trading but it showed pending and it has been more than 4 hours now and still show pending!! Please fix it asap....many thanks.

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    Christos Sj

    I sent BTC to binance and it's almost up to 24hours and still 'in_progress', how long can I expect to wait? Can you check the number of confirmations or tell me anything? #144324

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    saurav marwaha

    I have transferred my ada to bittrex is still showing pending as no txid generated but my wallet already debited with my coins how long it will took to get the transaction complete any suggestions . or can i cancel my withdrawals


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    Ian Hopper

    Why does this happen ???

    We obviously want to transfer coins for a reason and to trade for a different coin.

    Each delay cost lost opportunity and can also result in losses if coin being held pending is retreating.

    Thought the whole idea of Blockchain was P2P trading and quick transaction !!!!

    Look forward to a reply...

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    Be patient?? and eventually confirmed??....when, 24, 48 or 72hrs or perhaps a week...??

    I want word by one of your members not automatic response from your system. Coinspot do charged us for this and therefore we want services that fit the cost we are paying. As Ian Hopper mentioned above, every hour in delay it cost us money and mean while you / coinspot already charged us fee on the job that wasn't done properly....its a joke!!

    Please respond by a person and not some automatic machine computerised the respond... thanks

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