Why is my LTC withdrawal canceled?




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    I sent litecoin to segwit address yesterday as i didnt know the above information, it is still showing pending on the status; been more than 15 hrs

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    Matthew Buck1

    Why doesn't Coinspot simply provide an error if the address we provide starts with an 'M'.

    Then we could simply generate the LTC legacy address and get on with things. Now our LTC is in Limbo for an indefinite period?

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    Matthew Buck1

    Hi Claude, can you please cancel my withdrawal so I can go again with the correct address.


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    the email link coinspot sent me to verify transaction of LTC isnt functionable. I can not click on the link. Itsayd click on link or copy link, when i copied it nothing happened. Is this common?

    Knew i never should have messed w Coinspot! what a f* headache. Been dealing w this issue for dayds. Moneys just stuck in Coinspot.

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    Nassim Menkara

    Hi Claude, can you please urgently cancel my Litecoin transaction, that I have sent to Segwit address, Thank you.

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