I have not received my Coin/Token withdrawal




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    Hi there, I send some bitcoin from last nite until now still not receive in my coinspot account just show pending can u let me know why??

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    Shayne Duncan

    I sent XRP coins to another wallet over 12 hours ago and havent received them. Price has now significantly moved and I have missed out on locking on some solid gains. Very disappointing.

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    Hi, Ive sent Power Ledger to Binance address, Its been 24 hours, still not received. I have no transaction ID. Checked address is correct multiple times. Not happy with this.

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    I logged a report but it's been over 24 hours since I sent XLM to a Ledger. I confirmed the email, checked address and I'm still pending with no trans id. My coins aren't in my wallet or my Steller account!

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    Maxwell Gosden

    I have same issue as above. XLM is sitting pending for over 24 hours now. 

    Please help. Ticket number 132897

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    I'm so disappointed with coinspot. I sent bitcoin to my bitcoin address but I cannot receive it. I don't know what they are doing. Coinspot have to do it NOW.  

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    Hope Wesley

    36 hours now..... POWR sent from Coinspot very disappointing, still no response to my submitted ticket


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    Hi. I have never withdrawn from CS before.

    Could you please tell me the average time for a POWR tx withdrawl?

    I withdrew 3 hours ago and is still showing pending. I really need these tokens to have arrived at the other end before 7pm West Australian time if possibly you could push through?

    Many thanks Joseph Matthiessen

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    Huan Vo
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    Max 930

    I still waiting for coins sent out from coinspot. Please look into this asap. You know how important this is

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    Nicolas Boston

    I am in same position as many of the above. Send is pending. Not great guys. Terrible support too.

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    Karn Prasonkpol


    I have been waiting for more than 48 hours for the transferring of ENG coins to my MEW wallet.

    A coinspot TXID yields no result on Ethereum search. Please look into this trasaction and get back to me as soon as possible.


    Ticket # 151996


    I look forward to receiving the update from you team in timely manner



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    REQUEST 153334. Can you please rectify my transfer its been over two days and my TRX are going down by the minute. You have cost me a hell of a lot of money with your delays. Thankyou.

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    Andrew Schofield

    #147614 and #155636 follow up! 

    Hi Guys, I've been waiting for my missing TRX to be re credited to my TRX wallet since 9/1/17. this is costing me thousands of dollars now the price is dropping and I can't do a thing about it !!!! I sent a small 630 tron test to Binance and it went straight through. I then sent 57xxx 20 mins later and it failed?? it was the exact same wallet addresses. nothing changed. I don't see how this is my error and your URGENT help would be appreciated!!! 



    Very Annoyed Customer.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I had an issue with not receiving my NEO coins when trying to send them to an external wallet, or a TXID and noticed that no one was sharing their resolutions here only the bad stuff. So I just wanted to put everyone's mind at ease. When this happened to me, I got a response from support within 24 hours and they cancelled the transaction and sent the coins back to my wallet as a resolution. I then asked support if it will work if I tried again and they said it would, I tried again and I received my coins in my external wallet almost instantaneously. So in case you were like me and a little freaked out, don't worry, be patient and trust that they will do the right thing.

    Hope this helps



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